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Guang Yii International Co., Ltd. é um dos fabricantes, dos fornecedores e dos exportadores famosos de Beneficio Do Cha Verde, com uma fábrica em Taiwan.Com anos de experiência na linha de produzir produtos, nós somos conhecidos para nosso desempenho proeminente na indústria das produtos. Nós instituímos nossa companhia como um do tipo principal em Taiwan. Nós promovemos constantemente nossas produtos para encontrar os standard internacionais.Nós prendemos uma equipe dos profissionais, que garanta em entregas do tempo com as produtos alta qualidade.Nossos sinceridade e trabalho duro ajudaram-nos a combinar nossa qualidade com os standard internacionais.
About Us

Guang Yii International Co., Ltd. can provide excellent Taiwan tea which is harvested on the mountain tea garden of this island, such as Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Pouchong Tea ….etc. Our company strategy is to expand the public acceptance of Taiwanese tea and provide the best quality Taiwan tea in the market. Each tea variety has its own feature. The uniqueness of Taiwan tea is in its taste, mellowness and elegant fragrance. These features only can be found in Taiwan tea. We also could provide various kind of tea leaf materials (tea bag, organic tea, tea gift box, tea ware) and OEM or ODM services for your distribution channels and blend as per your designated flavors and pack them according to your specifications. Your enquiries and ask for test samples are most welcome.

In addition, Guang Yii International Co., Ltd. is also a professional trading company in Taiwan and majored in export affairs from Taiwan and China. Any other kind of products you would like to source in Taiwan or China, we could provide the best service to you. Please do not hesitate to send your questions to us via e-mail or directly call, every request will be treated efficiently at our soonest convenience.

About Taiwan Tea

Tea and Taiwan go back a long way, and it's no small testament to the centuries of diligent cultivation that we are renowned as producing some of the world's finest leaves. A tour of Taiwan's tea-growing districts will take you all over the island, where neatly ordered fields occupy every available corner to take full advantage of the perfect growing conditions we enjoy. And when you are harvesting tea that has attracted an international clientele for many generations, you will recognize that sometimes traditional techniques remain the state of the art.

Tea & Life

Drinking tea is one of life's great pleasures, symbolizing a lifestyle of leisure and enjoyment. Typically, enjoying good includes brewing the tea carefully, smelling its aroma, admiring the color of the tea in the cup, and savoring its flavor.

Appreciating good tea can be an elegant and refined experience, but it also helps us to relax. Regardless of whether you are at home, enjoying time with a friend, or having tea at work, tea drinkers today have many convenient choices to accommodate their lifestyle. No matter how tea is consumed, it is the best choice for a natural and refreshing beverage that satisfies both body and mind.
Nossos sinceridade e trabalho duro ajudaram-nos a combinar a qualidade de nossas

Beneficio Do Cha Verde

com os standard internacionais.De acordo com os tipos diferentes de manufatura exije, nós ofereça-lhe serviços perfeitos.
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